RACE SUBMISSIONS FOR 2019 are now open, check below for all the info

submissions will close on September 13th, we will review all racer entries the following week and send out approval notices by September 20th

RPM Nationals is limited to ford Flathead and 4 Cylinder cars. Body Years are limited to  1936 and earlier . All Cars must represent an early 1950s Hot rod style or prior. Things like radials, billet, etc... will not be allowed. All racers must apply prior to registration for approval to race. rpm nationals has the final say in all race cars approval. 

there will be 6 classes,  4cyl flathead street cars, v8 flathead street cars, 4cyl street cars with power adder (overhead conversion and or blower), v8 street car with power adder, and two full race classes one for flathead 4cyl and flathead v8's the other for 4cyl/v8's with power adders. street cars all must represent a car that is or could be registered for the street, removal of windshield, headlights, fenders, etc. is ok. full race classes will include all non street cars including dragsters, sprinters, tanks, etc.                                                                                               

All applicants must email          rpmnationals@gmail.com           . Please provide us some info outlining all major components and photos of the cars front, back, both sides, engine and drivers compartment. 

Upon approval racers must sign and return their release form


all race vehicles must pass a tech inspection including but not limited to

seat belt

safety hubs / drum retainers on all keyed rear ends

no excess play in steering

brakes in good working condition

battery securely held down

fire extinguisher within drivers reach

firewall sealed (small holes for linkage/pedals are ok)

clamps on all rubber fuel lines

2 throttle return springs

exhaust angled away from driver and track

tires in good shape

gas cap securely mounted

hubcaps removed or secured

all lug nuts present

cotter pins in steering/axles/spindles

radiator catch can

water only in cooling system

no leaks

drivers are required to wear helmets, pants, and closed toe shoes